Autumn Auto Showcase 2020

POSTPONED until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Autumn Auto Showcase 2020

James Family Farm
Port Perry, ON

September 20th

COVID protocols will be in place




COVID protocols will be in place

C. Williams Motorcar Ventures presents our first world-class automotive showcase and car meet + expert information sessions about cars.

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Join us September 20th, 2020 at the Autumn Auto Showcase for an exciting new event for auto enthusiasts.

Everyone is welcome!

Our founder — Chad Williams — and his team have brought together cars, panelists, and enthusiasts from around North America to create a unique and inclusive car experience.

Expert panels, car evaluations, and a showcase of special cars – including yours! –from the UK, USA, Japan, Italy, and Germany will be highlighted.

Food vendors, craft beer, and entertainment will be featured throughout the one- day weekend event.

Come join us!

General Ticket

  • Showcase Entry
  • Food & Beverage available
  • Outdoor patio seating
  • Optional valet parking (FREE)

ENTRY FEE: $15 at the door the day of the event.

LOCATION: James Family Farm, Port Perry, ON

456 Reach St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1X5, Canada


Featured Car and Panel Sessions
11:00-12:00LivePat Cyr
Cyrious Garageworks
Converting a Datsun 240Z into a Successful Race Car
12:00-1:00PMPre-RecordedSteve Linden & Peter Neumann
Chrome Strategies Management,
Collectors, Investors, and Restoration
Financial Aspects of Investing in Cars
1:00-2:00PMLiveKevin Easton
Lessons in American Muscle
2:00-3:00PMPre-RecordedWinnie & Bruce Meyers
The Meyers Manx: The Creation of the Dune Buggy
3:00-4:00PMLiveAlex Alfred
Which Cars Will Appreciate in the Future?
The HAGERTY Valuation Tool

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Admission $15 at entrance on day of event

Bruce & Winnie Meyers

B.F. Meyers & Co. and the first fiberglass Meyers Manx, “Old Red” came about in 1964. This whirlwind of new interest in the fiberglass dune buggy, which primarily started “Off-Road racing” and an International buggy beach culture, reached thousands of people in a way we have a hard time describing. Back in the day, Bruce produced over 5,000 Meyers Manxes, but the rest of the world copied his invention and produced over 300,000 and eventually put him out of business.

Fast forward to 1994 after a welcoming trip to France where Super VW magazine was celebrating 25 years of the Manx coming to the shores of France. After their very successful event, Bruce was told to go home, write a book, start a Manx Club, and build a new Manx of the 90’s! Well here it is – 2020 and we can say that the books (yes, there will be 3) are nearly finished, the Manx Club has been going since 1994, and the new Manx was a little late, but came out in the year 2002. We went back into business in 1999, opening with the Signature Series, Limited Edition of 100. Today we have a lineup of five kits:

  •  New Classic Manx
  •  Kick-Out Traditional
  •  Kick-Out S.S.
  •  Manxter 2+2
  •  Manxter DualSport

The Manx Club of over 2,000 members was turned over to its members in 2008, as the membership was increasing so rapidly it became too much to handle in our little office at home. A board of directors was formed, and the Manx Club was created as a non-profit organization. Today the Club sports over 5,600 members Internationally. In California /Arizona the Club maintains three sanctioned events annually, whereas there are often four more Manx Club sanctioned events in different states throughout the US. Up until the COVID outbreak, Bruce and I would attend every event flying or driving to each one throughout the year. This year, unfortunately, we have not been able to hold these events, and we miss seeing our friends from all over the country. Bruce is 94 and I am 75 and though we are supposed to be winding down, I am still working daily, along with my assistants, to help those who would like to give this “dune buggy” thing a go. Bruce still goes out to the shop to create, perhaps yet another buggy design.

Kevin & Linda Easton

Kevin & Linda Easton owned and operated Easton Minute Muffler in Lindsay for over 23 years. In the fall of 2005 they decided to wind down. Their dream was to open a shop dedicated to the restoring, buying, and selling of older cars. Hence Easton Classic Cars (Mopars and More) was born. Easton Classic Cars has hosted many car shows in the past as well as car groups touring through their shop. Kevin is an avid Mopar car enthusiast and collector but has a love of all muscle cars. This has lead to many car contacts all over the world. We love our cars – so give us a call. ECC is located at 50 Mount Hope Street Lindsay (705 878-4361).

Steve Linden

Steve Linden has more than three decades of experience and expertise as an internationally recognized expert in classic & collector motorcar appraisals, valuations, pre-purchase inspections, and export. Steve is a Founding Partner and CIO at Chrome Strategies Management, LLC. Steve holds the USPAP designation as a Qualified Appraiser. Steve also serves as a qualified expert witness in all matters related to collector motorcars. He currently provides multi-tiered consulting services to: collectors, HNW / UHNW individuals, enthusiasts, law firms, insurance and finance companies, and state & federal government entities.

Steve is the author of Car Collecting: Everything You Need to Know. He was the Founding Editor of Hemmings Classic Wheels and is also a regular automotive columnist for New York’s Newsday newspaper. Steve currently sits on the N.A.D.A. Antique, Classic & Collectible Car Advisory Board, and has appeared on television including The BBC, Jay Leno’s Garage, Fox News and The Discovery Channel, as well as being a resource in print publications including CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, AP, Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Report, and syndicated radio.

M. Peter Neumann

Peter still owns his first car, a 1970MGB that he bought in college, and has been a car collectorand investor for many decades since, thus blending hispassion with his more than 34 years of institutionalfinancial, commodity, and global trading experience.Having held senior positions in the sales and trading groupsat two top tier firms, working within the commodities andcommodity-linked structures sectors. Over Peters’ career, hewas responsible for risk management, portfolio allocations,trading, and product integration across multiple assetclasses. Peter is a Founding Partner and CEO at ChromeStrategies Management LLC, and has been President ofMPN Advisory, a risk management consulting firm since2012. Peter retired from JP Morgan Chase as an ExecutiveDirector, head of America’s OTC metals sales. Peter holdsthe USPAP designation as a Qualified Appraiser.


Alex Alfred – Ontario East

Everyone has a car story that begins in the garage or on the road. Not me; my car story starts with Saturday morning Hotrod shows on speed channel. It was the best place for a kid to gain an appreciation for more than just the horsepower and 0 – 60 times, but the stories that came along with each car and it’s owner. My insurance career started with specialty products and I continue that trend with Hagerty and it’s boutique collector insurance. The really special thing about managing a territory for Hagerty are the stories that come along with each member; For them, it’s more than just a car, it’s a memory or a hobby or the symbol of reaching a goal or a milestone. I guess I could say I came for the insurance, but I stay for the people.

What is unique about the hobby in your territory?

Ontario is very diverse, welcoming citizens from all over the world and as you can imagine, their car passions are equally as varied. It is common-place to see everything from Communist Block Vehicles to the most-rare Hyper-Car at your local show’n shine. Even better, collectors and enthusiasts of every preference are able to enjoy the over 119,000 kilometers of paved roads on their way to over 250,000 lakes. It is truly a case of pointing your car in any direction and finding a great road on the way to a beautiful small town, on the way to a lake, on the way to an adventure.

Why Hagerty? What excites you about what we do?

It is one thing to be a collector, but it’s a whole other story to be able to share your passion with others. Hagerty gives me the chance to help car clubs and enthusiasts share their passion with each other. Hagerty events bring people together, highlighting the real reason we own collector cars to drive them! Whether assisting a new purchaser with coverage or encouraging members to join a driving event, we work to make the ownership of a classic easy and fun.

Favorite car event of the year

Orangeville Jazz Festival takes car shows to a whole other level. Not only do you get the best example of collectible vehicles from all eras, you also get live jazz music, great food, and friendly people rolled into one! Even better, it’s one of the first big show of the season. Walking up and down streets lined with cars, listening to cool music is a tiny bit of heaven at the beginning of a warm spring. | 437-776-2985

Pat Cyr

Cyrious Garageworks was founded in 2012 by Pat Cyr with the goal of building some of the coolest cars on the planet.

A gearhead from a young age, it was clear to everyone who knew him that Pat would one day own a shop, it was simply a matter of when, where, and how. Pat spent much of his youth honing his mechanical skills whether it was taking apart bicycles or helping out with cars in the garage at the house. Fast forward to the early 2000s and Pat was at this point employed at Stingray Auto Tech working almost exclusively on Corvettes of all vintages, from some of the rarest and iconic classic Corvettes, to brand new factory-fresh Corvettes. There, Pat would discover a love for classic car restoration, as well as developing a basis for the fabrication skills which would become his specialty. Another thing that Pat took away from his time at Stingray was an eye for detail, something that a lot of newer shops and builders tend to lack for one reason or another. It was around this time that Pat began building his own cars, starting out with a Cutlass Wagon on air ride.

At some point during Pat’s tenure at Stingray, the drifting bug bit. Pat already had a growing interest in motorsports, having built a Honda Civic for autocross events and spending plenty of weekends attacking time in a parking lot full of cones. One day a friend split on an AE86 with Pat and that changed everything as we knew it. Before long the times at autocross started getting slower, and the corner entries starting getting faster. Autocross quickly dropped off of the priority list and drifting made its way to the top. Still working at Stingray, Pat built his race car in his spare time in the garage at home.

It was during this time that Pat developed a reputation as an expert of all things AE86, as that particular car is sort of a cult classic Toyota that’s rabidly popular, but technical information can sometimes be hard to find. Having driven the AE86 in professional drifting competition for 8 years, Pat developed extensive knowledge of the inner workings of an AE86, such as different engine swaps and how to tune the suspension to squeeze as much grip as possible out of the live axle rear end.

After a number of years of being one of the few guys successfully driving an AE86 in professional drifting competition, it was announced that Scion Canada would provide Pat with an FR-S 2 to be built into a professional drift car. With the ZN6 chassis being heralded as the successor to the AE86 line, it seemed only fitting to have one of the most stalwart AE86 drivers finally make the transition into this new machine. Knowing that the new chassis would require significant research and development in order to be competitive, it was becoming less realistic to continue working the day job at Stingray Auto Tech.

Shortly thereafter, Cyrious Garageworks opened its doors in Mississauga in the Summer of 2012 specializing in race car preparation, fabrication, restoration, as well as maintenance. The shop is now located in Oakville near Third Line and the QEW, centrally situated between Toronto and Hamilton. Our new 7000 sq. ft. facility is well equipped and more than capable of handling just about any fabrication project or car restoration, from the ground up.

All of our staff have gained experience in various aspects of the automotive world, and bring that unique and varied experience along with them on every build that we undertake. Whether you want a drift car or a drag car, a show car or a sleeper, we can make your dreams a reality at Cyrious Garageworks!